Biofuel Unloading System

Unloading Skid

Our Biofuels Unloading Skid for trucks, railcars and barge applications, is the ultimate solution that provides reliable air elimination during the entire unloading process, guaranteeing the accuracy of the system, according to API/ISO/OIML regulations under any operational conditions, while also protecting the meters. Due to its unique design, the system can maintain an average flow rate of 120 cubic meters per hour during the entire unloading process, either with single or dual unloading tanks. The unloading system is designed complete with pumps (main and secondary), instrumented air eliminator tank, PD Meter, control valve, strainer, diverter valve for meter calibration, grounding monitor system, etc., all controlled by an Accuload electronic preset. Our Skid can also provide other quality control information such as density, PH, conductivity, etc. and interfaces with any supervisory system.

Additive/Dye injection and pumping system

HOME can offer customized solutions to distribution terminals additive/dye injection systems, ranging from one additive injector for a single product line to a complete solution for your terminal with multiple additives and/or markers. We can provide a complete system with pump skids, blending, injectors, injection point, etc., for any application.

Metering skids Onshore and Offshore

In the Oil and Gas industry the custody transfer skid is the selling point where the fluid quantity is measured. Most of the time this measurement is considered a fiscal measurement since it is also often used to pay either royalty and/or taxes according to the local regulations in each country. Obviously, due to the volumes involved, the accuracy of these systems is most important and must be reliable and acceptable to both the seller and buyer. HOME is capable of providing a complete engineered product for your specific case, presenting a cost effective solution custom built for your needs. HOME can supply any type of metering technology (USM, Corriolis, Turbine, PD Meter, Orifice Fittings, etc.) covering any application for both Liquid and Gas – Onshore and Offshore.

Loading Rack


The loading of refined products at distribution terminals requires both high accuracy and safety. Automated terminals require all operations to be carried out perfectly to ensure the loading is performed in accordance with the most stringent requirements stipulated by the either distributor or government and environmental agencies. HOME can provide complete packaged systems for either TOP or BOTTOM LOADING applications including all the meters, valves, strainers, presets, and ground and overfill monitors, loading arms, transmitters and everything needed to perform an accurate and safe loading process for your unique application.